3 Things to Keep In Mind When Setting Goals & Expectations

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Being aware of your goals and expectations about weight loss is important. How much weight do you think you can (or should) lose? How soon do you think that weight loss can (or should) happen? Many women expect to lose a lot of weight in a short time and then get frustrated when they don’t see results as quickly as they had hoped.

To avoid feeling this way, set several small, reachable goals so you can see progress and feel successful. Setting goals can help you to focus on your priorities so you can reach your goals.

Keep these three things in mind as you take steps toward a healthier life:

  1. We have the most energy for goals we set for ourselves.

    People have a greater sense of “ownership” over goals that they create themselves. This ownership can make the goal seem more worth the effort it takes to reach it.

  2. We like a challenge—enough but not too much.

    If a goal is too easy, it doesn’t seem worth the effort. But if it’s too hard, then we feel frustrated and give up. When you think about your weight loss goals, set goals that will challenge you but not leave you feeling overwhelmed.

  3. We need to see the “big picture.”

    Too often when we think about goals like changing eating habits or being more physically active, we think of them as if they’re the only goals we have instead of thinking about how they support or get in the way of other goals in our lives. When you think about your weight loss goals, think about how they fit in with the rest of your life goals.

Get the tools you need to start setting expectations and reaching your goals for eating healthier and being more physically active.


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