Will Withdrawal Hurt My Baby?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

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Some pregnant smokers think that going through withdrawal from cigarettes if they quit will hurt their baby. This simply isn’t true. Quitting smoking while you're pregnant won’t change withdrawal symptoms—you may still be uncomfortable and not feel like yourself.  But, it won’t hurt your baby.   

Just like morning sickness, withdrawal symptoms will fade over time. Usually the first few days are the hardest. Cravings, on the other hand, can still pop up weeks, even months, after you’ve smoked your last cigarette. Unfortunately, some women experience more cravings when they’re pregnant or for a short time after having their baby, possibly because of the changes in their body and stress. The good news is that cravings become easier once you learn to handle them and smoking isn’t a part of your life. 

We know that finding ways to deal with cravings and withdrawal is a challenge that all smokers face. But, it’s a challenge that more and more women are winning for themselves and their families! And it’s a challenge that you CAN win too! Check out Forever Free Baby and Me for more information.

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