What Causes Stress?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Stressed woman

Stress is something you can feel mentally, emotionally or physically. Stress is a natural part of life. Everybody feels stress from time to time.

Not all stress is bad. Working through a stressful time can help you gain new skills for dealing with other stress, and the experience can make you a stronger person. Also, keep in mind that not all stress comes from bad things. Planning a party or other celebration can leave you as stressed out as dealing with a cranky co-worker.
Stress usually comes at us in two main ways:

  • Major life events and changes
    Serious illness, divorce, the death of a family member, having a baby, getting married are the kinds of really big deals in life that can cause stress.

  • Daily hassles
    It’s the car trouble, rude people, fight with your friend, traffic jams, bad weather, home repairs, arranging childcare, housework, or loud children. They aren’t always a huge deal by themselves, but they can add up. Dealing with everyday hassles can weigh you down and wear you out as much as one large stressor might.

Different things cause stress for different people. What makes your friend stressed might not bother you at all. Or vice versa. Knowing your particular stressors is an important step toward finding ways to deal with them.

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