The Stress-Smoking Link

Monday, November 26, 2012

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Juggling work, child care, caring for other family members, and doing a trillion other things every day can increase a woman’s chance of having stress.  So when you have a bad day, do you feel like a cigarette is your only friend in the world. Do you turn to cigarettes to help you calm down? Does a cigarette help you feel relaxed and like you’re pampering yourself?

Smoking might seem like good way to relieve stress. But smoking to try to cope with stress actually causes more stress than it relieves. The relief only lasts a short time and doesn’t solve the problem that’s giving you stress. Your stress will return and you’ll need to smoke another cigarette.

Studies show that stress levels go down after quitting. A key part of quitting smoking for many women is finding ways to handle stress and take care of themselves without smoking. There are lots of other ways to cope with stress that don’t involve smoking. Trying healthy ways to relax can help a difficult day go by better.

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