Smoking & Pregnancy: What to Expect When You're Expecting

Sunday, November 25, 2012

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Researchers have reported that when smokers find out they’re pregnant, it changes the way others treat them and their smoking.

Here are some common things pregnant smokers struggle with:

  • Pressure from others
    Most women feel pressure to stop smoking when they become pregnant. Pressure can come from partners, family, friends, the news, and even complete strangers. If you’re feeling pressured by someone, thank them for their concern and let them know that pressuring you isn’t going to help you quit smoking. Tell them that you’re working on making healthy changes in your life and that what you need is for them to be supportive (give them specific ways to help!). If that doesn’t work, try removing yourself from the situation.

  • Relationship changes
    Finding out you’re pregnant and having a baby is a time when you and your partner will have many changes in your life. Your routines will change, and this can include how you relate to each other about smoking. Research shows that how you act around others can affect your smoking and quitting. They can also change your relationship with each other.


    Understanding how you talk about and interact with each other about smoking will help you figure out what each of you may have to change to better deal with smoking and quitting. Learn more about relationships and smoking. Then take our relationship quiz to learn about the style you and another person have and what it means for your quit.

  • Lack of support
    Pregnant women who’re having trouble quitting often feel guilty, ashamed, and alone. If you’re pregnant and having trouble quitting, remember there are many ways to get help (Smokefree Women is a great place to start!). You can also ask your friends and family to learn how to help someone quit.

We know that being pregnant doesn’t magically make quitting any easier, so we won’t lecture or judge you. At Smokefree Women, we give you the facts, support, and tips you need to help you become and stay smokefree.

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