Get by with a Little Help from Your Friends

Sunday, November 25, 2012

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Every woman’s experience with quitting is a little different. Some people want to have a large circle of friends and family cheering them on. Others prefer a smaller support network. Still others don’t want to ask anyone for help, either because the people in their life don’t provide the kinds of support they need, or because they’re afraid of failing and don’t want everyone to know. When you’re quitting smoking, it can be helpful to ask for support from friends or family, but you may not know where to start. Try these tips:

Deal with People Who Are Pressuring You to Quit Because You’re Pregnant
When you’re pregnant, you have a lot on your mind. You might be feeling stressed from different areas of your life, including people pressuring you to quit smoking. These people probably mean well and don’t realize they’re creating stress for you. How to respond? Start by giving them some suggestions for how they can help you quit smoking and stay smokefree. Let them know exactly what steps they can take to be helpful and take the pressure off.

Ask Others for Help
Quitting smoking can be even more difficult when people around you smoke. Let your partner, friends, co-workers, and others in your life know you’re trying to quit because you want a healthy baby. You might ask them not to smoke when they’re with you. Even if you aren’t able to have a totally smokefree home, you might ask others to limit their smoking to only one room in the house or outside. That will help cut down your exposure to secondhand smoke.

Try the Buddy System
If a partner, friend, co-worker, or somebody else you spend time with also is ready to quit, then buddy up! People who try to stop smoking together may be able to help each other remain smokefree. Plus, it’s a chance to do something together that can benefit both of you. If nobody you know is on board for quitting right now, talk to your doctor or local WIC office staff. They might be able to connect you with other women who are trying to quit too.

Load up Your Quit Smoking Toolkit
You may be surprised at the number of resources available to help you quit smoking! Use our QuitGuide app to track your cravings and build your skills to stay smokefree. Get 24/7 quit tips and encouragement sent right to your phone with the SmokefreeMOM text messaging program. Your doctor can point you to other programs, and you can find more resources here.

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