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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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Quitting smoking is hard, staying quit is harder

Many women are able to quit smoking when they are pregnant. Some women quit as a way to protect the health of their growing baby, or because they don’t like the taste of smoking anymore. However, most women will go back to smoking after having their baby.

Why do women start smoking again?

There are many reasons why new moms start smoking again, even when many say that they wanted to stay quit:

  • A return of smoking urges. Many new moms say that cravings come back after their baby is born. And these urges can come suddenly – catching new moms off guard so they are unprepared to resist them.

  • Dealing with mood. Babies bring joy and laughter, but many new moms also experience stress and anxiety as well as limited sleep. As a result, they can fall back on smoking to help them feel better and cope with difficulties.

  • Women gain weight during pregnancy. And some new moms may want to lose their baby weight as soon as possible. Unrealistic expectations about quickly losing weight can cause women to smoke, especially if they had used cigarettes to control weight in the past.

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