Preparing to Quit? Tell People!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

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You might feel like you want to keep your quit attempt to yourself, but quitting smoking can be easier with the support of others. So tell your family, friends, and co-workers that you plan to quit. Tell them how they can help you.

Here are some ideas:

  • Ask for understanding
    Ask everyone to be understanding of your change in mood. Remind them that this won't last long (the worst will be over within a few weeks). Tell them that the longer you go without cigarettes, the sooner you’ll be your old self—just without the cigarettes!

  • Find a quit buddy
    Ask a friend or family member who smokes to quit with you, or at least not to smoke around you.

  • Talk to your doctor
    Tell your doctor and pharmacist that you are quitting. Nicotine changes how some drugs work. You may need to change your prescriptions after you quit.

  • Get support
    Try talking with other women who quit Exit _disclaimer. You can also get support on your phone Exit _disclaimer. You can even try an Internet chat room. This kind of support helps smokers quit. The more support you get, the better. But even a little can help.

    Everyone is different. Some people like to have friends ask how things are going. Others don’t want people to be in their business—they find it nosy. Let the people you care about know exactly how they can help you quit smoking.

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