Practice It: Create a Weekly Activity Plan

Thursday, November 29, 2012

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At the beginning of the week, create an activity plan to help you reach your goals. Start by identifying your goals for the week. Based on your goals, write down when you are going to exercise and what you are going to do. If something comes up that keeps you from exercising on one of your selected days, try to find another day (or time) as a make-up. Having a routine is important but so is the ability to adapt your schedule as needed.


Goal for the week: 2 days of cardio, 1 day of strength training, squeeze in stretching when I can.

Planned Activities
What?   Walk Weights     Spin Class  
How much?   15 mins Arms 2 sets     45 mins  
When?   Lunch After work     9 a.m.  
With who?   Jessica          

Accomplished Activities

Did it?   No Yes Stretch   Yes Stretch
When?     Thursday a.m.   9 a.m. p.m.
How much?     Arms, 2 sets 10 mins   45 mins 10 mins
With who?              
How was it?     Hard! Felt good   Fun! Relaxing




Goal for the week: 1 day of cardio, 1 day of strength training, 1 day of stretching

Planned Activities

What?   Walk   Resistance     Yoga
How much?   30 mins   Legs, 1 set     30 min
When?   After Dinner   After Work     11 a.m.
With who?   Husband         Julie
Accomplished Activities
Did it?   Yes Yes - Walk Yes     Yes
When?   After Dinner After Dinner After Work     11 a.m.
How much?   15 min 20 min Legs, 2 sets     30 min
With who?   Husband Dog       Julie
How was it?   Nice Bonus! Not too bad     Relaxing


Try This! Ready to plan your activity for the week? Get started with your own activity plan Exit _disclaimer.



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