5 Ways to Keep Exercise Fun

Thursday, November 29, 2012

woman having fun exercising

Developing an exercise routine that is fun will increase your chances of sticking with it! Choose activities that you enjoy and alternate workouts to give your muscles time to recover.

Try these tips for keeping your routine fresh and fun!

  1. Mix it up! Do strength training activities one day and moderate or vigorous cardiovascular activities another.

  2. Put together a playlist of your favorite songs for getting your body moving! Have you been listening to that same old playlist for weeks? Get some new tunes to change it up!

  3. Create your own 30-minute circuit: 10 minutes of cardio, 10 minutes of strength training, and 10 minutes of stretching.

  4. Current workouts feeling stale and boring? Not really feeling the activities you’ve been doing lately? Make exercise fun and find something you enjoy. Try something new like Zumba, yoga, or spinning/cycling class.

  5. Recruit a friend! Having a friend or family member join you can be a great way to mix it up. You might end up having a great time trying something new together!

Not sure what activities to try? Give a shout out to our Smokefree Women on Facebook for workout ideas.

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