4 Tips to Help You Stick With Your Exercise Routine

Thursday, November 29, 2012

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Some days it’s hard to get out the door, but you won’t regret it once you get moving! Plan ahead and make exercise a priority. 

Try these ideas for getting into the groove:

  1. Make a plan

    Whether you’re a creature of habit and you like to workout at the same time every day, week after week, or whether your schedule is too unpredictable to have that kind of routine, make a plan.

  2. Make friends and family part of the plan

    Make a standing “meeting” to exercise with a friend one day a week during lunch or before or after work. Try a date night or family outing that is more active—go for a hike, walk around the zoo, or go roller skating.

  3. Stick with it

    Treat exercise like other appointments in your life. You’d never bail on your doc or hairdresser. Don’t bail on yourself.

  4. Give yourself cues

    Have an exercise bike or treadmill in your basement that has been collecting dust and cast-off clothes? Clear it off and clean it up so that it looks like something you might actually want to get on. Set up your yoga mat, resistance bands, or weights near the TV so you can use them during commercial breaks.

Still feeling challenged or overwhelmed? Check out 5 Reasons Why People Don’t Exercise & Ways to Overcome them.

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