Kids Follow the Leader

Monday, April 22, 2013

Mother and child both wearing the same thing and working on the computer

Kids are like sponges—they seem to absorb everything around them. They notice what you’re wearing, what you say, and what you do. You might not even realize how much your kids pick up from you every day. When they see you dealing with a bad day, telling the truth, or being a kind person, they are learning. And when it comes to healthy behaviors, they learn from you too.

Quitting smoking
One of the best predictors of whether your child becomes a smoker is if you smoke. Being smokefree is good for you and good for your kids. If you’ve struggled to stay smokefree and sometimes slip, talk with your kids about how hard it is to quit smoking.

Especially when your kids are very young, you likely provide most of the foods they eat. Show your kids that desserts and salty snacks are "sometimes foods." And try to make fruits and vegetables a regular part of their daily nutrition.

Physical activity
Active moms and dads tend to have active kids. For kids, exercise time is play time. It can be for you too. Try chasing each other around the yard, tossing a ball, going for a walk, or riding bikes. Being active as a family is important for your health and your children’s. Remember how much fun you can have by getting your body moving. Make play and physical activity part of your family routine.

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