What Does Eating Healthy Mean? Expert Recommendations

Thursday, November 29, 2012

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Nourishing your body with wholesome foods while limiting your intake of processed, high-fat, high-sugar foods is an important part of being healthy and feeling good about yourself. So, what does it mean to nourish your body in a healthy way?

According to the experts, healthy eating means:

  • Balancing energy in (i.e., food and beverages) and energy out (i.e., exercise and physical activity)

  • Eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains

  • Eating fewer salty, fatty, and sugary foods

  • Using cooking techniques, spices, and recipes that give you all the flavor without the added stuff that isn’t so good for you.

*Note: If your goal is to lose or maintain weight, you may need to make bigger changes to your diet.

Food Fact! Eating healthy foods is good for your body. But did you know that eating healthy foods is also important for improving your energy level and your mental and emotional health? A number of studies are beginning to show the important role of healthy food in memory and emotional well-being. 

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