5 Tips to START Eating Healthier Today

Thursday, November 29, 2012

woman eating a salad

Healthy eating isn’t just about eating more fruits and vegetables or getting rid of all the foods you love. Get started on the road to healthier eating by making these 5 changes:

  1. Shop smart and healthy 
    Making smarter food choices at the grocery store is important for eating a healthier diet.

  2.  Try new cooking techniques, spices, and recipes 
    Changing the way you prepare your food can reduce total fat, saturated fat, calories, added sugar, and sodium, while still maintaining taste.

  3. Avoid filling up on empty calories 
    Planning and preparing meals in advance can help you eat more of the foods your body needs—and to avoid the temptation of empty calorie foods that only leave you hungry for more.

  4. Remember to make 1/2 of your plate fruits and veggies and 1/2 of your grains whole grains
    Try mixing in some more of the good stuff with meals you already enjoy.

  5. Track what you’re eating 
    Keeping track of what you eat will help you identify patterns that are helping—or hurting—your goals for nourishing your body.

You don’t need to buy special foods or go on a strict diet. Small changes like these can make a big difference and improve your health and overall well-being. Choose one of these areas to focus on and practice eating healthier this week! 

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