3 Food Triggers & How to Beat Them

Thursday, November 29, 2012

different fruits on the kitchen counter

There are many things that can trigger us to eat larger portion sizes than we really want or need. Here are some common triggers and mindful changes you can make:

Trigger: Stockpiling unhealthy foods makes it more likely that you’ll eat them.

Mindful Changes:

  • Reduce the number or amount of unhealthy foods in your home.

  • Out of sight is out of mind—move less healthy foods to less convenient places like the basement or the back of the cupboard.

  • Increase the number of tasty, healthy foods in your home to sub-out the less healthy.

Trigger: Large plates and containers may make it seem like you should be eating more. 

Mindful Changes:

  • Use smaller bowls and plates.

  • Break up large packages of snack foods into sub-packages for smaller portions.

  • Use smaller utensils when serving or eating.

Trigger: Easily available food makes you think you’re hungry when you’re not.

Mindful Changes:

  • Get rid of the cookie jar or replace it with a fruit bowl.

  • Put tempting foods away in the cupboard or fridge so they’re less visible and more forgettable.

  • Make healthier foods more available by putting them at the front of the fridge. 

Try This! Commit to doing 1 or 2 of these things to do this week. If you’re still worried about eating too much, check 6 Tips for Managing Your Portion Size.


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