Manage Emotions Without Cigarettes

Friday, November 30, 2012

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Maybe you used to reach for a cigarette after a tough day at the office. Or found comfort in the companionship of a cigarette on a lonely night. Maybe you used to have cigarettes available as one way to help you deal with uncomfortable emotions. But there are ways to experience and handle emotions while staying smokefree.

Getting to know how your body and mind respond to emotions can help you face them in a healthy way. Sometimes, recognizing trigger situations or feelings can make them seem less overwhelming.

Coping with emotional ups and downs is a part of many women’s smokefree journey. Try these steps to help you stay on the path:

  • Identify situations or feelings when it is hardest for you to stay smokefree.
  • Imagine what it would be like to experience those emotions without a cigarette or some other distraction.
  • Ask yourself what is most difficult for you in having those feelings.
  • Visualize yourself handling those feelings without relying on a cigarette or other distraction.

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