How to Tell If You're Over-Wired

Friday, November 30, 2012

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Perhaps, you “plug in” for social support or to share some really great news—like celebrating a smokefree milestone. But if you haven’t picked up the phone to talk with your BFF– rather than text—in ages, if you would rather stay in to keep up with your current bidding war in an online auction than go out on “date night” with your significant other, or if you hit the panic button when you leave the house and forget your cell, it might be time to unplug.

  • Keep a running tally of how many times you check your Facebook page, personal email account, or your phone for the latest text.


  • Take note of why you are getting online or checking your phone. Are you bored? Do you have something really important to say or tell someone? Or is it simply out of habit?


  • How does your use of technology and social media affect your life and relationships?  Do the positives—like a supportive “Thinking of You” text from a friend outweigh the negatives—like always running late because you couldn’t step away from the computer?

Try This!  Select one day this week and keep track of your time in the digital world.


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