Balancing Act

Friday, November 30, 2012

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Part of being an Active, More Powerful You means finding balance in your daily life: taking on the Must-dos and finding time for some Should Dos and Want-to-Dos.  Sometimes, emotions and commitments can come into play and upset the balance. Here are a few tips to help you stay centered:

Blues and Blahs
Ever have one of those days? Those days when even the “little” stuff is enough to set off major waterworks? Everyone has days like that from time to time. Getting a good night’s sleep or practicing some deep, purposeful breathing may be all you need to feel like yourself again. Emotions can provide you with insight that things are “off” in your world. Use that information to your advantage.

But if you’re feeling blue most days, you may have depression. Your doctor, a counselor, or a therapist can provide help and support.

Getting Social
Finding time to connect with others is important for emotional and physical health, especially when you are feeling stressed. Maintaining positive connections with friends and family can help you stay in control of your emotions.

Technology can be your gateway to helpful information. But an occasional break from email, cell phones, and the Internet can help you re-focus on other parts of your life and maintain balance.

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