5 Ways to Find Balance in the Digital Age

Friday, November 30, 2012

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The digital age can help us thrive in our everyday lives—with greater access to health information and tools that support our well-being, local and world news websites that keep us informed, and social media tools and apps that make it easier to chat with family and friends, hunt for that great new job, or even find the nearest gas station when you are running on empty. But constant access to the digital world can also be stressful. Feeling a bit “over-wired”?

Try these strategies for finding balance: 

  1. Turn ‘em off
    Not ready to turn off your device completely? At least turn off those annoying message blinking or pinging notifications and keep your device out of sight (e.g., in your purse) even if only in the two hours before you go to bed.

  2. Take a break while driving!
    Still tempted to text and drive? Turn off the cell phone and put it in the backseat while driving in the car.

  3. Re-train yourself (and others) to be a bit more patient
    Let go of the need to respond to every text, email, and Facebook message as soon as you receive it. If it’s really that urgent, the person will call you!

  4. Remember to sit (or stand) tall and breathe!
    Ever heard of email apnea? Email apnea is the tendency to hold your breath when in front of a computer screen—this not only leads to poor posture but can trigger your body’s stress response. Sitting upright and taking deep conscious breaths can help you unwind even as you remain glued to the screen!

  5. Take a technology vacation!
    Challenge yourself to completely unplug for an entire day or maybe even an entire weekend—no cell phone (except for emergencies), computer, social media, etc. You might be surprised with how much time and energy you have to do all the other things that support you in being a More Active, Powerful YOU—like getting your body moving and shopping for healthy foods to nourish your body!

The trick is to find a balance between the digital world as a tool for becoming an Active, More Powerful You vs. something that takes over your life, relationships, and emotions.

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