What Happens to Your Body After You Quit?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

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No one said quitting would be easy. We know it’s hard! But it’s really important for you to remember that:

Within 20 minutes after a cigarette,your body begins to heal.

  • The poison gas and nicotine start to leave your body.

  • Your pulse rate goes back to normal.

  • The oxygen in your blood rises to a normal level.


Within a few days you may notice other things.

  • Your senses of taste and smell are better.

  • You can breathe easier.

  • Your "smoker's hack" starts to go away. (You may keep coughing for a while, though.)


In the long run you will see other benefits.

  • You reduce your risk of cancer.

  • You reduce your risk of COPD and other lung disease.

  • You reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.


Your body starts to repair itself as nicotine leaves your body within three days. At first, you may feel worse instead of better. Withdrawal feelings can be hard. But they are a sign that your body is healing.

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