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Friday, November 30, 2012

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Family, friends, coworkers, and others who you interact with can affect how you feel about yourself. This includes how you feel about your body. So, one of the keys to creating a more positive body image is to create a more positive environment for yourself by focusing on:

  • Surrounding yourself with positive relationships.

    Part of creating a positive environment is surrounding yourself with people who support you, especially when you’re struggling with your body image, staying smokefree, or other parts of your life. This also means spending less time with the people who make you feel bad about yourself. Who do you call on for support?


  • Finding what you enjoy.

    Whether it’s a new dance workout, volunteering with a local charity, or starting a book club with a small group of close friends, having activities in your life that are fun and that you value is another way to create a positive environment for yourself. When you’re enjoying life, you will have less time to focus on negative thoughts about how you look.


  • Helping others to find their strength and beauty.

    How can you help your daughter, your niece, your girlfriends, and other women to appreciate their bodies? Whether it’s shifting your focus to feeling better —and not just looking better— or thinking about the amazing things our bodies do, creating a positive environment for others can be another way to create a positive environment for yourself.

Try This!
Noticing that your environment is not so supportive of a healthy body image? Choose one thing to do this week to create what you need for a body image boost! Whether it’s making a date to talk with your best friend about your body image struggles and the support you need from her, trying out a new kind of workout, or finding ways to help others find their beauty, commit to taking a step toward a more positive body image this week.



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