Appreciate Your Body

Friday, November 30, 2012

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Our culture focuses so much on how our bodies look that we sometimes lose sight of what our bodies do. Our bodies allow us to do amazing things every day. Not sure what counts as “amazing”?

Check this out:

  • Getting around and doing stuff.

    Think about the things that your body allows you to do every day. Whether you are cooking a meal, helping a friend get settled in her new place, or changing a flat tire, your body helps you carry out your daily activities and do the things you want to do. Remember to appreciate all the “little things” your body helps you do every day.


  • Your body as repair shop.

    Your body has an amazing capacity to heal. From everyday cuts and bruises to more serious injuries, our bodies can recover from all kinds of things without us doing anything. And, even when our bodies need medicines or other treatments to help us heal, they still manage to keep everything going while we recover.


  • The power of touch.

    Whether you’re giving your main squeeze a quick kiss, giving a friend a comforting pat, or greeting your kids with a hug, your touch is powerful! Research shows that touch helps lower blood pressure, soothe anxiety, and release feel-good hormones. Your body does that!

Focusing on the powerful things your body can do is one way to break the cycle of negative body image.


Try this! 
Finding your inner judge on constant auto play with negative messages about how you look? You would never let your BFF get away with talking about herself like that. If your friend’s inner judge was on overdrive, what would you tell her? Maybe you’d remind her about her fantastic sense of humor or how important her friendship is to you. Challenge your inner judge by reminding yourself of all of your amazing qualities! The next time your inner judge gets out of control, remind her (and yourself) of all your good qualities.

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