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Sunday, November 25, 2012

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Labor and delivery can be unpredictable. If you smoke during pregnancy, labor and delivery can be even more complicated. Research shows that smoking during pregnancy can lead to serious consequences for you and your baby during labor and delivery.


Early labor and delivery

Smoking during pregnancy increases your chance of going into labor early. Babies who are born early (premature) have a higher chance of breathing, digestive, and other health problems. Some premature babies grow up to have learning difficulties in school. The earlier in pregnancy a baby is born, the more health problems may develop.


Stress during delivery

Smoking during pregnancy increases the chance of having a small, under-weight baby. Labor can put more stress on a smaller under-weight baby and make giving birth more difficult. Smaller babies also may have more serious health problems.



Smoking during pregnancy increases the chances of bleeding during pregnancy and delivery. Bleeding at any time during pregnancy and delivery can put you and your baby in danger.


Longer hospital stay

Smoking increases the chance of having a low birth weight baby or a baby with health problems. If your baby is too small or requires care for health problems, he or she may have to stay in the hospital until healthy enough to go home.


It’s Not Complicated: Quitting Is Good for You and Your Baby

Quitting smoking lowers the chance of problems and increases the chance of safe labor and delivery. Quitting smoking earlier in your pregnancy is best. But quitting at any time still can help you and your baby on that big day.

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