Anger is One Letter Away from Danger

Monday, November 26, 2012

woman screaming

Anger is a common emotion that can range from a mild sensation of annoyance to a strong feeling of rage. In general, we feel anger when we think something (a situation, person, or action) is wrong. Managing your anger is important, because if you don’t, anger can make you do or say things you will regret- like smoking.

Here are some things that often make people angry:

  • When someone takes something that is yours

  • Bullying

  • When your friends let you down or leave you out

  • When people gossip about you and say things about you that aren’t true

  • Not having your turn at something you want to do

  • Letting yourself down when you know you could have done better

Many of the things that make you angry can also make you feel down or worthless, which can make you feel even worse. One of the common reasons people smoke or go back to smoking after they quit is because of negative moods. Anger is never useful if you let it control you or if it causes you to lash out. Let anger motivate you to do something positive (and smokefree!) instead. 

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