5 Things to do on Your Quit Day

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Clock Time to Change

Congratulations! Today’s the day you start your smokefree life! The first few days of quitting are usually the hardest. Here are some things to do to help you stay smokefree.

  1. Get support
    Remind your family and friends that today is your quit date. Ask them to be there for you during the first few days and weeks to help you through the rough spots. If you decided to use a support program, use it fully. Go to the sessions. Call your telephone quitline, 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669). Get support from other women who quit Exit _disclaimer. The more support you get, the more likely you will quit for good.

  2. Stay away from what tempts you
    Certain people, places, things, or situations can make you want to smoke. Avoid the temptation by avoiding them.

  3. Keep busy
    Keep very busy today. Check out 15 Tips for Dealing with Cravings for suggestions.

  4. Create new habits
    Starting today, you may want to create some new habits to replace smoking. For example, start going for a walk after dinner instead of smoking. Do things that keep your hands busy like gardening or knitting. You may also want to try yoga or swimming. It’s very hard to smoke and do these things at the same time.

  5. Use medication
    If you are using medicines to help you quit, make sure you follow the directions. If you don't follow the directions, the medications are less likely to help you quit smoking. Also, don't rush to stop using the medicine. Stick with it for at least 12 weeks (or follow your doctor's advice).

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From those of us at Smokefree Women…Congratulations! You are taking the first step towards a healthier, new lifestyle.

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