When a Craving Strikes: Who Ya’ Gonna Call?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

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Some people in our lives are really great during a crisis. Maybe they listen to your personal struggles or just make you laugh when you need it. Since cravings and slips can feel like a crisis, it’s important to identify the following types of people in your life:

  • Besties

    Your BFFs have been there for you through the good, bad, and the ugly. So don’t be afraid to call them (day or night) when a craving strikes to help you get through it! You know they’ll have your back.

  • Comedians

    You may not think you have much to laugh about when you quit, but laughing can help improve your mood and distract you during a craving. Identify the people in your life who make you laugh and give them a call when a craving hits. Laughter is the best medicine, after all.

  • Cheerleaders

    Sometimes all you need to get through a craving is a little encouragement. Who are the positive people in your life? The ones who are always cheering for you no matter what? Let them know that you need their support now more than ever. 

  • Wise beyond her years

    Who are the people you trust for their wisdom, insight, and advice? Give them a call when a craving strikes. They can help remind you why you want to be smokefree and offer suggestions to help you get through it.

We have the ability to rely on different people for different things when we need help. Think about the different types of people in your life and how they can help you quit. So who ya’ gonna call?

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