The Stress-Smoking Link

Monday, November 26, 2012

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Women work hard, carry extra burdens, and are often the ones who take care of others. This adds up to extra stress. Too much stress over long periods of time can:

  • Lead to physical discomforts like headaches and joint, stomach, and back pain

  • Weaken your body’s immune system, making it harder to fight off disease

  • Make you irritable, depressed, and anxious—possibly leading to problems in your relationships and at work

  • Cause even more stress!

When you have a bad day, it can seem like your cigarettes are your only friend. Cigarettes can help you calm down, relax, and feel like you’re pampering yourself. Sound familiar? Although smoking might seem like a good way to relieve stress, it actually causes more stress than it relieves. The relief only lasts a short time and does not solve your problem (it only hides it). So your stress will return and you’ll need to smoke another cigarette.

A key part of quitting smoking for many women is finding ways to handle stress and take care of themselves without smoking. So, it is worth spending some time thinking about and looking for ways to deal with the busy days that are so often a part of a woman’s life.

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