Quitting Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Have A Social Life

Sunday, November 25, 2012

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If you’re a smoker, smoking is probably an important part of many of your relationships. You may smoke with co-workers, with friends, or with your partner, and when you stop smoking, these relationships might change. But quitting smoking doesn’t mean that you can’t have a social life.

Here are some things you can do be a social non-smoker:

  • Focus on other things
    You and your friends have plenty of other things in common besides smoking. Remind yourself of what they are and focus on building your relationship around those activities instead.

  • Do smokefree activities
    Change your routine by suggesting non-smoking activities or seeking the company of friends who don’t smoke. There are lots of smokefree places you and your friends can go, like the movies, the mall, or restaurants.

  • Ask for help
    Asking for help can strengthen your relationships. So let your friends and family know about your plan to quit and let them know exactly how they can help you quit.

  • Go online
    Social media is a great way to still be social and connect with others (and distract you from smoking!). You can connect with other smokefree women on our Smokefree Women Facebook and Twitter pages.  

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