How Does Therapy for Depression Work?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Woman in a therapy session

Therapy has shown to be quite helpful and is often an important part of treatment for depression. Therapy is more than just telling your therapist about your problems. It means working with your therapist to improve your ability to cope with the things happening in your life, change behaviors that are causing problems, and find solutions.

Some common goals of therapy:

  1. Get healthier

  2. Get over fears or insecurities

  3. Cope with stress

  4. Make sense of past painful events

  5. Identify things that make your depression worse

  6. Have better relationships with family and friends

  7. Make a plan for dealing with a crisis

  8. Understand why something bothers you and what you can do about it

  9. Practice dealing with situations that give you negative thoughts or feelings between sessions

Getting therapy does not mean you will be in treatment forever. Most talk therapy is for a short time. Depending on how serious your feelings are, it can mean meeting only a few times with a therapist. Most talk therapy focuses on thoughts, feelings, and issues that are happening in your life now. In some cases, understanding your past can help, but finding ways to address what is happening in your life now can help you cope and be ready for challenges in the future.

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