When Things Get Tough: Who Ya' Gonna Call?

Friday, November 30, 2012

woman resting on sofa

Women often rely on different people for different things. Some people in your life are really great in a crisis or about listening to your personal struggles. Some people make you laugh. Others are really good at helping with practical stuff like picking you up from the airport or being a last-minute babysitter.

Think about the people who make up your social network (everyone from casual pals to your best friends) and ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Who are your go-to people?
    The people who you could call anytime day or night?

  • Who are the fixers?
    The people who would help you move, pick you up at the airport, bring you soup if you’re sick, or watch your kids for the afternoon?

  • Who are the comics?
    The people you hang out with when you need a laugh?

  • Who are the see-ers in your world?
    The people you trust for their wisdom, insight, and advice?

  • Who are the people you just hang out with?
    The people you catch up with when you can but don’t feel that close to?

  • Who are the drama queens?
    Who make it all about them and who might not be your best source of support?

How do the people in your world fill these roles? Who are the people who play multiple roles—the people you can be yourself with: good, bad, and ugly? Knowing who to ask for what kinds of support can help you better navigate the tough stuff. When the going gets tough, know who you’re gonna call.

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