4 Reasons Why Smokers Shouldn’t Use Cigarettes to Deal With Stress & Moods

Monday, November 26, 2012

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Having a lot of stress or negative moods can make it harder to quit smoking. This may be because you’ve learned how to cope with cigarettes.

There are many problems with using cigarettes as a way to cope with stress or other unpleasant feelings:

  1. The relief only lasts a short amount of time. Soon your stress will return and you will need to smoke another cigarette.

  2. Smoking does not solve your problem—it only hides it. The cause of your problem remains.

  3. Smoking is not a healthy way to deal with stress (the stress probably won’t kill you, but the smoking may).

  4. Smoking actually causes more stress than it relieves. Studies show that stress levels go down after quitting.

Many people start smoking again in response to stress or moods. One of the challenges of being a smokefree woman is learning new ways to deal with stress and other emotions without cigarettes. Check out 6 Ways to Boost Your Mood After Quitting and 11 Ways to Deal With Stress Without Smoking for tips on dealing with stress and other negative feelings. 

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